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Global Cents is a US-based company that provides value-added Information Lifecycle Management products and services for OpenText Content Server. As the company’s product portfolio became bigger and more complex, so did the need for a sustainable marketing strategy.
OpenText utilises Prospecteer to increase conversion rates and engage visitors within their online marketing campaigns
When looking to position their ECM mobility application on the market, Digital Mind were faced with the problem of finding the right partner to support their marketing efforts.
How SharpSpring’s agency model provided a solution for lead generation activities.
This calendar will help ensure your business or company employs an effective marketing campaign year-round.
An introduction to Demodia, our people and our business.
An introduction to Demodia, our people and our business.
A good event can turn visitors into customers, acquaintances into leads, customers into friends. An event can speed up the progression of a buyer through the funnel and deliver sales-ready leads. You don’t have to be a networking wizard or a social guru or a rock star. You just need to be confident that you can win customers and influence people.
Throughout the rest of this guide we will take a deeper dive into one essential aspect of such integrated campaigns - LinkedIn. We will see why LinkedIn is the social network of choice for the business marketer, you will learn how LinkedIn can be used to promote both yourself and your business, and we will give you some best practice advice and pointers for social lead generation.
What are the current trends, challenges, and success factors for marketing automation? We conducted a comprehensive survey, leveraging the combined wisdom of over 50,000 B2B marketers in the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn.
Shibumi’s team consists of salesmen, engineers and technology-savvy people. As a startup in the Bay Area, they needed extra help – a marketing expert. They needed someone that could help them understand their unique value offerings and introduce them to the software market.
Enterprise World happens but once a year and is the biggest marketing investment, so we all need to ensure that it as successful as possible. So allow me to introduce you succinctly the best rides this year. And no, there are no height requirements as long we can all help each another and direct interested prospects to the right places to help them solve EIM problems the best.